Different Types of Alternative Medicine

Different Types of Alternative Medicine

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Alternative medicine encompasses any healing practice “that does not fall within the field of conventional medicine”   . Each type proposes its own wisdom and specialty. When you find yourself ill and in need of healing, choose the best alternative medicine that conforms to your own interest and lifestyle.

The following are the different kinds of alternative medicine, listed in alphabetical orders:

  • Acupuncture which originated in China, believe that your life energy or “qi” move throughout your body along the channels called “meridians”. When you are healthy, your “qi” travels throughout your body in a harmonious manner. When you are sick or emotionally unbalanced, then the flow of “qi” is interrupted and out of balance. In Acupuncture, tiny needles are inserted into your body along the meridian points to help stimulate the flow of “qi”. The Chinese believe that the illnesses and the various health conditions can be treated by adjusting the body’s energy flow.
  • Acupressure is another traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses the same principle as Acupuncture. Acupressure uses physical pressure instead of using the needles to stimulate “qi”.
  • Aromatherapy uses part of the plant known as essential oil that has aromatic property to help improve the psychological and the physical well-being of a person. The aroma of the essential oils affects the function of the brain, activating the Limbic system and the emotional center of the brain. Some essential oils which have anti-bacterial or anti-fungal property are applied to the skin in form of massage oil.
  • Ayurveda, the word itself means “science of life”. It has its origin in India. The main aim of Ayurveda is to harmonize and balance the body, mind, and spirit to prevent illness and promote wellness. Ayurveda treats physical and mental health problems by ridding the body of substances that can cause disease; this aids in the restoration of harmony and balance. Ayurveda assume that if a person establishes balance between his mind and body and between him and the universe, then the person will be healthy.
  • Chinese herbal medicines are used in the treatment of illnesses as well as in prevention of diseases. In this traditional Chinese medicine, cocktail of herbs which are custom-made for the individual are used to treat the illness and heal the body.
  • Herbal medicine also uses herbs and plants’ parts like leaves, flowers, or stems to promote wellness and heal particular health issues.
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  • Massage therapy is defined as the application of soft-tissue manipulation techniques to the body. It is aimed at improving blood circulation to reduce stress, pain and tiredness. Massage therapies have been widely used in many ancient civilizations like Rome, India, China, Japan, Greece and Mesopotamia.
  • Meditation is another form of alternative therapy. There are many types of meditation such as Transcendental Meditation, mindfulness meditation, Buddhist meditation, etc. All meditations use particular method to produce relaxation and calm the mind to encourage inner feeling of peace. This helps improve the individual’s physical and psychological well-being.
  • Yoga, which originated in India, is the practice of physical postures or poses together with breathing exercises to help calm the nervous system and balance the body, mind and spirit. Yoga has been used to lower blood pressure, reduce stress improve coordination, flexibility, concentration, sleep, and digestion

These are just some of alternative medicines available for you to choose from. Before you decide to use any type of the alternative medicine, you are advised to take time to do the necessary research. Select the form of alternative medicine that is targeted at dealing with your health problems. Choose the one that you think would benefit you and fit your lifestyle.
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