Three Great Reasons to Opt For a Healthy Lifestyle

Three Great Reasons to Opt For a Healthy Lifestyle

Here are 3 great reasons why living a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial:
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  1. Healthy lifestyle can help you prevent bowel cancer. According to the study in British Medical Journal, scientists in Denmark found bowel cancer cases could be reduce by 23 per cent if people followed recommendation about exercising on a regular basis, maintaining a healthy waistline, avoid smoking, limiting alcohol consumption and eating healthy diets. Minor healthy changes in your daily lifestyle can reduce your bowel cancer risk. These healthy lifestyle guidelines are also endorsed by Bowel Cancer Australia.

  2. As reported in the journal “Breast Cancer Research”, women who maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes-performing regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight and limiting the consumption of alcohol- lower their risk of breast cancer. This was true even if a close relative has had the disease. The healthy living habits as mentioned above were shown to help prevent breast cancer in postmenopausal women. These healthy habits reduced the risk of breast cancer for women with a family history-with only six out of every 1,000 women contracting the disease over a year’s time as compared to seven of every 1,000 developed breast cancer if they followed none of the healthy behaviors. Amidst women with no family history, slightly more than three out of 1,000 were diagnosed with breast cancer annually. This was compared to a little more than four out of every 1,000 for those who did not follow healthy habits.
  3. Deciding to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to stay healthy can lower you Life Insurance premiums. Giving up smoking or forgoing using any nicotine products for a year could lower your insurance rates. Engaging in a regular physical activity can help you lose weight and lower your blood pressure and ultimately lowering your life insurance costs. Another example to consider, if you are a diabetic who keep your sugar levels in check, you would be paying higher premiums than someone who is healthy. Nevertheless, if you are a diabetic whose sugar levels are not in check and who might be overweight and has high blood pressure, you could be paying premium at much higher rate, or you may be altogether declined.

These are just 3 more reasons in favor of living a healthy lifestyle. There should be no doubt in your mind that living a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial to your health as well as to your pocket.

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